Colloquia 2016

Date Speaker Institution Title Host Notes
1/22/2016 Astro Dept Meeting
1/29/2016 Eric Ford Penn State Bayesian Astrostatistics Prsa
2/5/2016 Eric Feigelson Penn State Astrostatistics: past, present and future Prsa
2/12/2016 Edward Wollack NASA GSFC Chuss
2/19/2016 Matt Darnley University of Liverpool, UK M31 N-2008-12A Sion Faculty Friday
2/26/2016 Dan Foreman-Mackey University of Washington More on Bayesian Statistics Prsa
3/4/2016 Spring Break
3/11/2016 Paul Halpern University of the Sciences Einstein and Schroedinger's Pursuit of a Unified Field Theory Papaefthymiou
3/18/2016 Faculty Friday
3/25/2016 Easter Break
4/1/2016 Corey Hart Chuss
4/15/2016 Bill Knopf NASA HQ Schick
4/22/2016 Faculty Friday
4/29/2016 Mark Olsen NASA GSFC Reading day